6 Facebook Ad Hacks to Make Them Effective For Your Healthcare Practice

According to a recent study on Facebook advertising campaigns and social media:

Campaigns that ran on Facebook and Instagram had a mostly positive effect on consumer attitudes towards the brand…

The study found that there was a considerable difference of up to 35 percentage points between the most and least effective campaigns, indicating the content and style of the ad made a difference.

So what makes an effective Facebook ad? Advertisers can get in the habit of pushing out ad after ad without actually thinking about what makes an ad attractive to users. So creativity often goes by the wayside.

Facebook is a platform designed around the user experience, and the ads shouldn’t be any different. According to an article on Search Engine Journal, here are 6 interesting hacks that will improve your Facebook ads:

  1.  Stock Videos Are Better than No Videos
    A video on Facebook receives on average 135 percent more organic reach than a Facebook photo. Photos used to be the most engaging type of creative on social media, but video has quickly surpassed images and is now the thing.
  2. Avoid Using the Color Blue in Ad Creative
    Go over and take a look at Facebook’s primary color, it is BLUE, right?? So this really makes sense since your ad would just blend in with every thing else on the page and not stand out. Make sure you stand out in the News Feed.
  3. Be a Fun Ad & Include Emojis in the Ad Copy
    I personally think emoji’s are overused but I can see a creative, professional, and fun way of using them. Take this ad for example:

    They used the speaker emoji to communicate “turn on your sound.” These emojis make for an extra awesome addition because so often people watch videos on social media without their sound on.
  4. Don’t Just Rely on the Button for Website Traffic
    Make it emotionally and psychologically easy for your audience to learn more about you adding the URL in the ad copy. It give the user the option to act quickly and, at the same time, give them more control since they don’t feel like they are being “sold to”.
  5. Design an Ad Your Audience Will Be Attracted To
    Make sure your ad is creative and speaks to your demographic. Use multiple ads for different audiences because it is quite rare for your practice to have one profile of a customer.
  6. Ask a Question Right Off the Bat
    We are all providing solutions to our customers problems, correct? Then address their concerns by asking a question that is unique to your audience.

As for MedCo Data, we see the effectiveness in Facebook advertising for our clients and offer a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help bring in new patients and customers. Digital ads work best with a comprehensive digital marketing plan that includes website landing pages, lead generation from a mix of media such as social media and email.

Let us know when you are ready for us to help.

Source credits:

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