Discover HOVR

HOVR is a new device, that provides unconscious, comforting, continual motion of the legs and lower body while seated, combating “Sitting Disease”. It burns 17% or more calories than sitting, improves circulation and reduces joint and back discomfort – all while allowing you to focus on work and be more productive. It has been tested at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and at the Mayo Clinic where it earned “NEAT™ Certification”.

Special Offer – Order Today!

In order to discover this incredible product, the MedCo Data team would like to offer our clients and their friends a special courtesy discount of 35% off of the retail price for all HOVR products. This offer is valid until Sunday April 16.

Please visit HOVR’s crowdfunding website to learn more about HOVR and to view their purchasing options.

Once you have decided which HOVR model is best for you, come back to this page and click on the corresponding link below to receive your 35% off discount. A separate transaction must be made for each individual item purchased.