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Microsoft Warns of Ransomware with Self-Propagation Features

“We are alerting Windows users of a new type of ransomware that exhibits worm-like behavior,” Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center alert reads. “This ransom leverages removable and network drives to propagate itself and affect more users.”

Microsoft has released an alert today warning about a new ransomware variant called ZCryptor, which comes with the ability to self-propagate via removable and network drives.

A security researcher named Jack, behind the MalwareForMe blog, first discovered and wrote about this threat on May 24. Three days later, Microsoft ‘s security team also took note of the new wave of infections.

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Ransomware Virus Alert

As you know MedCo Data manages medical practices and businesses all across the United States. We’ve witnessed an alarming rate of ransomware infections over the past several weeks.

Ransomware is a malicious application that is usually introduced into the office via email, or a website that, “you” the recipient believes to be safe. Once launched, it encrypts all files on you PC and shared drives where all the important stuff is stored. The only options are to restore from a backup, forgetting what might be lost because it wasn’t backed up, or pay the ransom, over the internet with bitcoins to a foreign maleficent organization.  Please be cautious and aware.

If you don’t know who it came from, do not open any attachments. Walmart, Amazon.com, Target, etc.… are NOT sending you gift certificates or awards of any kind for being loyal. You do not have a personal message from the IRS, even though it is tax season. You have not won the lottery, or even a scratch off. There is no package with a tracking number attached.

There may be a yes or no choice attached to the message. Both mean yes, so either way you are infected. It doesn’t matter what you select, it invites the infection. Close the message, delete and move on. If it’s a popup from the web, do not click any choice. Best bet is to shut down the PC and start it back up if you don’t know how to open task manager and close the browser.

At work or at home, the game has changed. Be very, very careful. There is a cost if you make the wrong decision.